Trying to do too much with one website

Over two years ago I developed a website which led to this blog. Even then Ozzie, the guy at Graphical Data who helps me with all things web, cautioned me that the site was too broad. I was trying to make it be all things to all people.

Last week I met with Ozzie and we developed a new plan. Essentially I'm breaking down my one website into two which in turn will roll out a second blog as well. The goal is to focus the information and tools to a smaller group. will focus on home buyers and sellers. It will address questions and concerns a typical home buyer or seller might have in today's real estate market. Search for homes, learn about neighborhoods and schools and pick up a little education about the process along the way. This blog will be restructured to pick up the day to day conversations that goes on and refer readers to the website just as you would refer to a reference book.

The new website will be and the new blog will we These will address concerns that real estate practitioners might have. Getting started in real estate, classes to take, technology to use, interesting changes in the market and the like.

Needless to say there is a lot of work ahead to string up my new portion of the net. Fortunately I'm passionate about the topic and eager to share what is happening in our neck of the woods.

Feel free to check out these new sites and learn along with me. I'm setting up the blog first. This gave me a chance to try out a new platform....wordpress. Because I've settled on a specific template I had to have my blog hosted for me, not hosted within wordpress or like this one within Blogger. As I go I'll try to share all of the things I learn....Let me bump my shins as I work through this unfamiliar room called wordpress and hosting. I'll give links as well so you can check out the choices I've made.

Dreamhost (Put the word "Frankly" in the coupon code for a free domain and save $10)
Thesis (template for blog)
GraphicalData (designs real estate websites for agents and companies)