Attention Real Estate Agents.....2005 is over, 2006 will be different!

As we launch off on a new year I'm amazed at how many agents I work with that think they dialed in their business last year. They are busy congratulating themselves of their brilliance when in fact all they have done is confused market for genius.

Last year was a great year, for many real estate professionals it was their best year. The challenge is that they can not expect to conduct their business this year as they did last year and get the same results. Why......because the market has changed. New market conditions will require a new or different approach. And, not only is the market changing, but so are our buyers and sellers.

One of the exciting aspects of being a real estate agent is that we have to be adaptable. I liken our agents to the down hill skiers we've been watching on the Olympics. Each day they race down the same hill yet each day it is different. The temperature, wind direction, texture of the snow.....all conditions they have to deal with yet over which they have no control. Much like the real estate agent who has no control over market, interest rates, inventory or clients timing, they too must adapt to the conditions.