Lesson learned about maintaining my blog.

As you know, one of the great things about using Blogger is that is pretty easy to use....however it sometimes allows us to wonder into areas we may not be equiped to deal with....like HTML code.

I recently added a button that messed up my blog. I fortunately had a back up to my template but somehow when I copied and pasted it back it changed everything. My posts would not show up even after republishing.

I'm now in the process of rebuilding my page so if you were used to seeing something that is now not there please let me know. I'm in the process of copying the buttons and chiclets back into place. The good news is 1) I had a back up and 2) the main content is still there.

It may take me a little time so please be patient. These things never happen when you have a lot of time on your hands to fix them.

PS I got some good help in the Blogger help group to help me realize what the problem was and to get on track to fixing it. Be patient, it can take time to get a response that is helpful but it does work.

Working with your own real estate team....always pays off!

Whether you are going to be buying or selling a home your first step should always be to assemble your real estate team.

Your agent is the first step. Choose one you can trust, who is knowledgeable and who can introduce your to other team members.

Your lender, if you are buying, is the next critical player. Your real estate agent should be able to give you a couple of choices from which you can interview and make a choice. This person should be of your choosing and they should be local. Someone you can look in the eye and shake hands with. Don’t jump at the bait laid out for you by internet offers or builder lenders. See the attached article about things to watch out for with builders lenders.

Your agent should also be able to tell you about title and escrow companies. Making choices you are comfortable with makes it easier for you to trust and rely on what you learn from them when you have questions or concerns.