When Buying a Home in a Sellers Market......

When buying a home in a sellers market you need to think like the seller and like the listing agent (the agent representing the seller). Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when writing your offer:

1) Make sure you are working with an agent who represents you in your real estate transaction. You may want to sign a buyers agency agreement, this will ensure the agent you are working with will look out for your best interests and will bring their knowledge and tools to bear to help increase your chances of success. Bonus.....Typically the agent is being compensated by the seller so you have nothing to loose.

2) Use a local lender, not an out of state lender or internet mortgage company. When the going gets rough it is easier to walk into their office to ask for help and there will be more leverage from your agent to ensure the transaction closes on time.

3) Maintain the separation of church and state.....what I mean here is there seems to be a trend of real estate agents also wanting to play the role of mortgage broker. This is not in your best interest. The checks and balances that come into play will work in your best interest. Plus if your loan can not go through you want to be able to direct your mortgage to another company without loosing the relationship you've built with your real estate agent.

These are just a few ideas to increase your chances of success when purchasing a home in a sellers market.....check back often for more. Click here for more ideas and how to define the market you are in now.

Homes in Kitsap: Meeting With Kitsap County Tax Assessor, Jim Avery

Homes in Kitsap: Meeting With Kitsap County Tax Assessor, Jim Avery
Dave Jones in his blog, at www.HomesInKitsap.blogspot.com writes about a visit to our office by the County Assessor, Jim Avery. Despite what many might think increasing property values do not equate to increased taxes. Also great information on senior exemptions, check out his blog!