Now that you have your real estate license.

You have your real estate license…… what???

In the state of Washington a new licensee must place their license with a Broker in order to practice real estate. This can be a daunting decision. How do you choose a broker or company to work with, what do you look for, how do you choose?

Imagine you want to go swimming. You have found a group of indoor pools. You need to figure out which pool you want to jump into. You don’t want just any pool, you want one that is clean, warm, not too crowded, one that has dry towels and nice showers. Sounds easy right……now you have to choose by looking in the windows you can’t actually go in. If you are lucky you might be able to ask some of the swimmers who are leaving the pool. You ask questions to try to get an idea what its like at that pool. You know that once you make the decision you are going to be jumping into the deep end, so you want to make sure you make the right decision, the first time.

Trying to figure out an office to join can be the same way. If you take the time it can be a little easier in that you will want to interview the manager. You will want to talk with several agents who are working for that office. Talk with a couple of long time agents as well as a couple of new ones.

This is not a time for quick decisions, even though the broker may be pushing you to join. I’ve had agents ask me if it is hard to get a job once you have a license. The challenge is not getting a job offer (many brokers will hire you on the first meeting because they just want to put another license on their wall) the challenge is trying to decide why you might want to work for a broker that is so willing to hire you after only one brief meeting.

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