10 Questions you will want to ask a Broker Before You Hire Them.

You have just earned your real estate license and now you are looking for a broker and company to work with. Here are 10 questions to ask

1) How long have you been in the business? (The person, not the company)

2) Why are you still in the business?

3) Why did you choose to work for this office and this company?

4) What do you do to help a new agent get started?

5) Thinking of your last 5 new agents that you’ve hired:
a) How many are still at the office?
b) How much did each of them earn so far?
c) What did they do to become successful?
d) May I talk with two of your new agents?

6) Thinking of the agents you have:
a) How many agents are in your office
b) How many do you want?
c) How many have left in the past year?
d) Why did they leave?
e) May I talk with 2 of your experienced agents?

7) What is your business model? How much does it cost me and what do I receive in return?

8) What makes you different from your competition?

9) What do you look for in an agent? What are your expectations of me?

10) When I have a problem or a challenge how do I get your attention? How do I get guidance from you? Evenings, weekends?

The answers to these questions will help you decide whether or not you want to work with this broker. Don’t forget….while they are interviewing you…..you are interviewing them. You want to make the right decision, the first time.

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