Real Estate Agent Designations…. Alphabet soup or substance?

You are thinking about buying or selling a home. You’ve interviewed several agents and have noticed that a couple have a series of letters after their name like; GRI, CRS, CRB, AB, ABR, SRES, ASP or E-Pro. What does this jumble of letters mean and does it make a difference to me as a consumer? The answer in short is……yes!

As a licensed real estate agent in the state of Washington, an agent has to have completed and passed a 60 clock hour course and then have passed the state exam. Additionally once an agent is licensed they are required to complete another 60 clock hours of education for their first renewal and for subsequent 2 year renewals must complete 30 clock hours of education. An agent can continue their career indefinably by meeting these basic minimum requirements.

The agent who has one or more designations after their name has gone the extra mile to learn more about our industry. They have gone above and beyond the basic minimum requirements. Theoretically now they should be able to use this additional knowledge and education to help you accomplish your goals of buying or selling real property. Of course this is dependent on the person and is why I highly recommend that you interview several agents before making a choice if you have not already established a relationship with an agent that you are confident in.

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